Builds profitable retail ecosystems


Disrupt Amazon Marketplace

"Amazon will go bankrupt. If you look at large companies,
their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years"
- Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Amazon is 25 years old as of 2020

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is worried - he knows that Amazon will be disrupted.

The clock is ticking until...

Big Bang!

The Big Bang Disruption of Amazon

What is Big Bang Disruption?

Big Bang 1
Big Bang 1
Big Bang 1

How is Dispatcher a Big Bang Disruptor for Amazon?

Commodifies the creation of marketplaces that replicate Amazon Marketplace features
Combines the features of Amazon, Magento, Shopify Plus and innovates beyond them
Integrates high-quality existing service providers for most key features
Lowers the platform cost for brands by charging on profits and not sales volume
Empowers partner agencies to create bespoke solutions for the entire retail sector
Addresses the profitability of the whole supply chain whereas Amazon is the profiteer
Focuses on delighting shoppers by creating personalized experiences with convenience

What is Dispatcher's business approach?

Brand Power

Give brands complete control over their stores and marketplaces

Brand Engagement

Drive shopper engagement via content-driven marketing - more info

Brand Synergy

Create brand-complimentary bundles on marketplaces

Brand Support

Provide expert partner agencies to create bespoke solutions

What is Dispatcher's mantra?

"Empower and delight"

Build the Amazon disruptor

Time for Disruption!

Dispatcher builds profitable retail ecosystems on Agile Commerce

What is a retail ecosystem?

Retail ecosystems offer all-in-one solutions to other vendors.
Supplying these vendors access to both customers and services, such as logistics, advertising, analytics, and payments.
retail ecosystem

What is Agile Commerce?

Agile Commerce
Agile Commerce focuses on delighting the shopper at every touchpoint
Delivering personalized content, experiences, and service are the keys to success
There is no difference between the brand and the business in the mind of the shopper

What are some examples of Dispatcher?

In-person example
Imagine if Granville Island, a local marketplace in Vancouver, BC became a retail ecosystem on Dispatcher.
The partner agency for Granville Island integrates Dispatcher with a restaurant ordering system.
Kim (a local shopper) orders a coffee at Blue Parrot and a donut at Lee's Donuts, every Tuesday around 3:30pm.
After two orders, Dispatcher invites Kim via a branded email to subscribe to a bundled subscription for her weekly order.
Kim subscribes, then next week she goes to the market - her order is waiting at her favourite outdoor table via concierge.
She enjoys her coffee break and on her iPhone gives her experience a 5 star/glowing review.
Granville Island
Online example
Imagine if Jamieson Vitamins, a global vitamins vendor from Toronto, ON became a brand on Dispatcher.
The partner agency for Jamieson integrates Dispatcher with Jamieson's suppliers & partner brands and creates a Canadian health marketplace.
Janet (a Winnipeg shopper) sees on Facebook that her friend liked an article on the Keto diet from the health marketplace.
She reads the article and at the bottom is an offer for a limited-time product bundle.
The product bundle is her favourite Keto cookies and a daily Vitamin C - she better get the deal now before it expires.
Janet enjoyed the article and gave it a Facebook like and purchases the bundle through her Facebook login with 1-click.
She receives the order in 2 days with free shipping and gives the experience a 5 star/glowing review.
Vitamin C

Increase profits for unique and compelling brands

Many successful retail businesses start as side-hustles

Side Hustle
Recently, one of my friends started a clay earring side-hustle.
However, managing a site, shipping, discounts, emailing, and the rest of e-commerce is very time consuming.
So what about using an online marketplace to sell her unique goods, like Etsy?
Well - Etsy, Amazon, and eBay are race to the bottom marketplaces, due to their sales volume business model.
These large marketplaces are the brand and profiteer - period.
Dispatcher is the opposite and enables brands to become profitable global winners.

How does Dispatcher optimize profits for brands?

Dispatcher sets prices using AI and data - like region, costs, and demand
Marketplaces are product category specific and geofenced
Only product bundles can be discounted and not individual products
Dispatcher syncs prices across all channels
No ads are allowed in marketplaces
Dispatcher will never be a retailer
Dispatcher's business model is to profit together with brands

Empower partner agencies

Agencies are the e-commerce leaders for brands.
Agencies provide invaluable technical and marketing solutions for growing brands.
Dispatcher is an API-only solution that allows complete user interface customization and 3rd party software integration.
Dispatcher is a new income stream for agencies and will take them to the next level.

Dispatcher Benefits

Build recurring revenue Agencies earn a percentage of profit generated in their retail ecosystems

Harness network effects Scale through brand building, retaining customers, and growing value

Delight developers Dispatcher works with the lastest tools like React and React Native

Excellent support Dispatcher provides support through ticketing, training, and documentation

Minimize cart abandonment

~70% of shoppers abandon their cart

~59% is due to window shopping while ~41% is due to the following reasons

Cart Abandonment

How does Dispatcher minimize cart abandonment?

Dispatcher reduces friction in the buying process by:
Free shipping with 2 day delivery in select areas
Including sales tax in the price
Social login like with Facebook
1-click ordering
Cart recovery
Cart abandonment email
And many more features

Supercharge Canada's economy

Commerce is Canada's largest sector of employment

Canada Commerce Employment

Retailers drive the economy in every community

Canada Retail East
Canada Retail West

How will Dispatcher supercharge Canada's economy?

Dispatcher will simultaneously grow Canada's domestic retail sector and the global export of Canadian brands.

Win the trade war with China

China owns the global supply chain and is in a trade war against Canada

China War

How will Dispatcher help win the trade war with China?

Dispatcher will increase commission to partner agencies for building retail ecosystems that replace China dependant goods

Grow Black and Indigenous
owned businesses

Inclusive trade is the doorway to social and economic prosperity


How will Dispatcher grow Black and Indigenous owned businesses?

Dispatcher will increase commission to partner agencies for building retail ecosystems for Black and Indigenous owned businesses


Build Brands

Manage products, subscriptions, bundles, desired prices, launch dates, catalogs, costs, and localization

Build Marketplaces

Brands opt-in a product catalog

Artificial Intelligence

Pricing, catalogs, bundles, subscriptions, communication, and inventory automation

API Only

API only to make deep 3rd party integration possible

Free Shipping

Free shipping with 2 day delivery in select areas


Customizable checkout, 1-click checkout, and abandoned cart recovery

A/B testing

Variants on product copy, media, and page layout to improve conversions


Chatbot powered by the AI

Product Discovery

Search, wishlists, recommendations, and content

Price Sync

Price syncing for physical resellers and wholesalers

Cross-sell and Upsell

Increase sales at checkout

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes are integrated into price

Shopper Feedback

Ratings, Reviews, and Questions


Unique bundles and pre-sale timers


Branded transactional and marketing emails powered by the AI

Social Integration

Data feeds for ads and social login

Blazing Fast

Auto-scales and globally distributed


PCI compliant and other industry standards

System Details

Manufacturers are brands that sell directly to consumers and/or physical resellers
Suppliers sell directly to brands and/or physical wholesalers
Both brands and suppliers sell all products online via Dispatcher stores and marketplaces
All brand orders are fulfiled from Dispatcher's fulfilment centres unless local delivery
All Dispatcher marketplaces are geofenced and manually approved
All physical resellers and wholesalers must be in-sync with Dispatcher's pricing
Only product bundles can be discounted and not individual products
A bundle or a product can have a subscription
Bundles, products, and subscriptions can be store-specific and marketplace-specific
Bundles in a marketplace can include multiple-products from multiple-brands, if approved by all brands
Dispatcher performs margin-based supply chain optimization using AI
No ads are allowed on marketplaces
Dispatcher will never be a retailer
Brands and suppliers set their desired prices and input costs - then the AI sets the final price
Dispatcher distributes revenue throughout the supply chain based on costs and profit-sharing
Dispatcher's AI manages fulfilment centre inventory and requests restocking when necessary
Dispatcher's AI recommends adding and removing products, bundles, and subscriptions from stores & marketplaces based on forecasting
Dispatcher's AI sets a minimum order quantity for suppliers, if needed

Feature Comparison

Shopify Plus

Blazing Fast





Builds Brands

























1-click ordering





Cart Recovery



































Custom Checkout





Hosted Media





Chat Service

























Sales Taxes




















Email Validation






























Data Feeds





POS Terminal















Free Shipping










Order Quantities





Social Login










A/B testing










Price Sync











Agency fee


Agency fee

Agency fee

Account Manager

Agency fee

Monthly fee

Agency fee

Agency fee

Agency Program

Percentage of profit


Charges agencies

Percentage of sales

Platform Costs

Integrated costs plus a percentage of profit

Percentage of sales, ad fees, fulfilment fees, 3rd party software fees, and transaction fees. Membership shipping fee for shoppers.

Percentage of sales, app fees, 3rd party software fees, and a transaction fee.

Monthly fee, app fees, percentage of sales, 3rd party software fees, and a transaction fee unless using Shopify Payments.

Color Coded as of July 2020

Score = green + plum + orange + maroon + light steel blue
Green is available on the platform
Red is a missing feature
Plum is available on the platform but has an additional cost
Orange is available on the platform but is a sub-standard implementation compared to the other companies
Maroon is available as a 3rd party application in an app store
Light Steel Blue is available as a 3rd party software integration

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